Our sensors make
the world simply
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For us, safety at work is an essential part of performance


Reliable protection and legal compliance are just as much a part of a professional safety at work solution as is optimal system performance. As systems that complicate or slow down processes are no longer acceptable. Our various safety solutions are therefore designed for simple and fast integration and start-up. Here, and everywhere in the world.

Usability is key!

Whether finger protection, access safeguarding and area protection or combinations thereof – with the MLC safety light curtains and the new host-guest device models, this is entirely straightforward. Optimal usability and integrated muting or blanking functions make professional and efficient safety at work very simple.

Are you looking for a device for multiple-sided safeguarding?

The new host-guest device models offer combined point of operation guarding and area protection. In addition, various lengths can be cascaded.

Does the device need to be mounted flexibly and easily with no dead space?

An optional swivel mount as well as removable mounting cylinders enable very simple assembly or flush mechanical fastening without dead space.

Does your solution need to have global availability?

Due to our global sales network, the MLC safety light curtains can be delivered to your site anywhere in the world in a very short amount of time.

Do you want to be able to easily align, set up and operate your system?

The integrated, 3-zone alignment aid as well as the LED and 7-segment display make handling very straightforward.

Are you looking for a light curtain with integrated blanking and muting?

In the MLC 530 (Extended), blanking and muting functions are already integrated and can be very easily called up via a corresponding pin assignment.

Top products for safety at work

MLC 300 (type 2),
MLC 500 (type 4)

RSL 400

In three function classes: Basic, Standard and Extended design. For point of operation guarding and danger zone guarding.Access safeguarding,
danger zone safeguarding,
transport-path safeguarding.
Access guarding with / without
muting and blanking.
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So safety at work won't become a stumbling block for you


Your sensor business - simpler and more efficient.

Many companies say they are "customer orientated" – at Leuze electronic, we go a step further.

We offer specific and measurable added value in the areas of USABILITY, APPLICATION KNOW-HOW and SERVICE – to help make our customers more successful. These areas are our yardstick for new product developments, innovative service offerings and extensive market expertise.

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